Book Club Tuesday: Ruffage

While many parents would use the threat of vitamin or nutrient deficiency to cajole their kids into eating their fruits and vegetables, my mom always told us to “eat up, you need the ruffage!” So, I suppose this is how Abra Berens‘ new cookbook, Ruffage, came to catch my eye. And, while reading through the rich stories Continue reading

Book Club Tuesday: Bento Power

Bento originates from a culture where ritual and presentation plays an important part of daily life, and where a lot of focus and energy goes into producing, cooking, eating, and talking about food. A bento is a neatly packed portion of food you take with you to work or school, prepared at home or bought ready-made on your way to work. (9)

I can picture my first lunchbox now in all its glory: a canary yellow plastic lunchbox with a Cabbage Patch sticker on it and with a matching thermos inside. As a parent I can see the strategy in giving your child a cool lunchbox — it will make lunch Continue reading

Book Club Tuesday: A New Way To Food

I saw myself as I truly was: a body with so much beautiful potential. The change didn’t come in an instant but through an intentional process, combined with eating all the good foods, which I will share in this very personal cookbook. (5)

More often than not the cookbooks I’m sent to review are your average cookbook. In the case of Maggie Battista‘s A New Way to Food she offers a book meant to empower and enable her readers to make better food-based health choices Continue reading

Book Club Tuesday: Pretty Simple Cooking

A couple weeks ago I got into a conversation with another blogger about the internet and cooking. What he told me really shattered my optimism: people who cook are cooking more and more often but those who can’t cook aren’t even starting. I always hoped/thought that more and more people were joining the ranks of home cooks (the Insta food world certainly gives this impression) but after some quick googling it seems that he is correct (this article from the Washington Post I think sums it up). So if less people Continue reading

Book Club Tuesday: Healthyish

It’s been awhile! Hope everyone had a good start to 2018! I’ve been on a huge break since my last review — I have spent the last couple of months free from my review regime. For those of you who are new to Shipshape Eatworthy what happens here is simple: I receive review copies of cookbooks and then I try at least 10 recipes per cookbook. I posted 27 times in 2017 and 24 of which were cookbook reviews so you do the math.  So much cooking. So much. It’s fair to say Continue reading