Book Club Tuesday: The New Porridge

The comedian, Stephen Fry, once said: “Nothing in this world is as it seems. Except, possibly, porridge.” Good for a small chuckle but I think he’s been eating the wrong porridge! Not difficult to cook but seemingly easy to ruin I think that oatmeal/porridge gets a bad rep. For me, the answer to almost Continue reading

Book Club Tuesday: The New Nourishing

Sometimes you get a feel for a person as soon as you meet them. When I first “met” Leah Vandervedlt, it was over an email exchange. She was looking for recipe testers for her upcoming book (which would become The New Nourshing) and I gladly volunteered. It was through this exchange that I discovered what a genuinely kind and earnest person she is. I ended up testing a couple recipes for the book Continue reading