Book Club Tuesday: Bazaar

Since I had heard so many wonderful things about Sabrina Ghayour‘s other books (it seems that when I talk cookbooks with people over Instagram, Persiana is often cited in people’s top cookbook lists) I decided to accept the Continue reading

Book Club Tuesday: 30-Minute Vegetarian

What is it that home cooks really want? Easy to cook meals that taste delicious! Seems simple enough, right? Are you like me, after flipping through a cookbook (close to or at suppertime) you realize that the recipes will a) take too long, b) you don’t have the ingredients, and c) your child is riding Continue reading

Book Club Tuesday: Ottolenghi Simple

Let’s start with something fun — word association! If I say “Ottolenghi” to you what might you say? The word “elegant” may come to mind or “extra” might pop into your head. Most assuredly “ingredients” would be one that most would think of. Yotam Ottolenghi is a person who has changed the way people view food. Difficult to categorize, his style works on the premise that food is all about flavour and unorthodox combinations (prior to receiving Ottolenghi Simple I had made one of his recipes from Continue reading

Book Club Tuesday: In the French Kitchen With Kids

Prior to receiving Mardi Michels‘ book In the French Kitchen with Kids from the publisher I couldn’t think of anything more daunting than French cuisine. Maybe it’s because the final results look so complex and elegant (hello croissants I’m look at you!) that I never believed I could master those recipes let alone teach my (or anyone’s kid) to cook French recipes. Embarrassingly I do own Continue reading