The “No Book” Book Club Edition

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Hey everyone! I know what you are probably all thinking — how can you have a book club without books? Well, since being at home for the past number of weeks (frankly, I’ve stopped counting at this point because I’m tired of looking back) I’ve been thinking about people and cooking. While I have had the Continue reading

Book Club Tuesday: Five Ingredient Vegan

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I start each day in the quiet of my kitchen, waiting for the kettle to finish boiling water for my coffee, staring at the pile of cookbooks on the counter, and I meditate through the meal possibilities for the day. Some days, I come to the answer of what to cook immediately and, some days I feel as though Continue reading

Book Club Friday Fun Edition: Let Me Feed You

My hope is that you’ll find recipes in this book as delicious and satisfying as they are straightforward and achievable. (3)

Cooking is a language that I speak fluently. Like Rosie Daykin, I use that language to say things to those around me. I want people to taste the effort, taste the love. And, part of being able to cook for someone isn’t about showing off the latest culinary technique or hard-to-find ingredient it’s all about making food that’s Continue reading