Book Club Tuesday: 30-Minute Vegetarian

What is it that home cooks really want? Easy to cook meals that taste delicious! Seems simple enough, right? Are you like me, after flipping through a cookbook (close to or at suppertime) you realize that the recipes will a) take too long, b) you don’t have the ingredients, and c) your child is riding Continue reading

Book Club Friday Fun Edition: Tortellini at Midnight

Heirloom recipes tell a story about family through food — the sort of food that, ironically, doesn’t come out of a cookbook. (13)

Thinking back to the grey March morning when the delivery person handed me a package, I thanked him, shut the door, and did what I always do: Continue reading

Book Club Tuesday: New Feast

So my mom always says Honesty is the best policy (whose mother doesn’t say this?) — I feel sort of bad starting my review like this (and if the authors are reading this I may be giving them a fright) but I’ve got to fess up: before receiving this beautiful flexibound edition I had an equally beautiful hardcover edition of this book that I had never cooked from. It was for no other reason (in hind sight I think) than the hardcover edition is so big and cumbersome (but an absolutely beautiful book). This new flexibound edition, however,  is the perfect size (and weight) to pick up, flip through, and cook from. Why I picked up New Feast: Modern Middle Eastern Vegetarian in the first place Continue reading

Book Club Tuesday: Green Kitchen Smoothies

Summer is finally arriving here in Halifax — yesterday it was 68F in the house and today it was almost 80! My kitchen is in full summer-mode — my oven and stove are off most of the time and we’ve been favouring meals consisting of fresh fruits and veg. I’ve also been experimenting with fermenting kefir water (great recipe in Emma’s first book My Darling Lemon Thyme! I never knew kefir water was a thing — thanks to Maria at Seeds Roots Greens for opening my eyes to the joys of making my own brew!). That’s what this season is all about — being unfussy, eating “rustic” meals, and enjoying the freshest and best of what the local markets have to offer. One of the simplest things to make with fresh fruits (and yes veggies too!!) are smoothies. TBH I’ve never been a big smoothie Continue reading