Book Club Tuesday: From the Oven to the Table

I haven’t always been interested in cooking or cookbooks. When I was a kid and young adult I was completely obsessed with movies. Didn’t give my folks much bother because Continue reading

Book Club Friday Fun Edition: Kitchen Party

I am an avid MasterChef Canada viewer — there I said it — but it’s true. Back in early 2014 when I was pregnant, I really got into reality cooking competition shows. I found it completely fascinating how Canadians from all different Continue reading

Book Club Friday Fun Edition: Let Me Feed You

My hope is that you’ll find recipes in this book as delicious and satisfying as they are straightforward and achievable. (3)

Cooking is a language that I speak fluently. Like Rosie Daykin, I use that language to say things to those around me. I want people to taste the effort, taste the love. And, part of being able to cook for someone isn’t about showing off the latest culinary technique or hard-to-find ingredient it’s all about making food that’s Continue reading