Book Club Tuesday: The Flavor of Wood

When I first received a copy of Artur Cisar-Erlach‘s The Flavor of Wood in the mail I wasn’t really sure what to expect — I mean, I was familiar with the idea that some alcohols are aged in wooden Continue reading


Book Club Friday Fun Edition: Kitchen Party

I am an avid MasterChef Canada viewer — there I said it — but it’s true. Back in early 2014 when I was pregnant, I really got into reality cooking competition shows. I found it completely fascinating how Canadians from all different Continue reading

Book Club Tuesday: Bento Power

Bento originates from a culture where ritual and presentation plays an important part of daily life, and where a lot of focus and energy goes into producing, cooking, eating, and talking about food. A bento is a neatly packed portion of food you take with you to work or school, prepared at home or bought ready-made on your way to work. (9)

I can picture my first lunchbox now in all its glory: a canary yellow plastic lunchbox with a Cabbage Patch sticker on it and with a matching thermos inside. As a parent I can see the strategy in giving your child a cool lunchbox — it will make lunch Continue reading