Book Club Tuesday: The New Porridge

The comedian, Stephen Fry, once said: “Nothing in this world is as it seems. Except, possibly, porridge.” Good for a small chuckle but I think he’s been eating the wrong porridge! Not difficult to cook but seemingly easy to ruin I think that oatmeal/porridge gets a bad rep. For me, the answer to almost Continue reading


Book Club Tuesday: At My Table

Both of us grad students and newlywed there wasn’t a lot of money floating around for fancy meals and at that time I wasn’t even a home cook (yes, I  could cook in my home but I wasn’t what the term home cook implies now — a sort of high-functioning proficient in the kitchen). And so it was with the Continue reading

Book Club Tuesday: Round to Ours

Sometimes my husband laughs at me (in that loving way) because there are times I really get into having people over for a meal. If it’s a special occasion (such as Thanksgiving) I may write out a menu and place cards but if it’s just the regular brunch gang I’ll set everything out on the table buffet-style. I’d like to think people enjoy coming over for the food but when you gather a group of friends to enjoy each other’s company and a meal it’s all about setting a tone and Continue reading

Book Club Tuesday: Pretty Simple Cooking

A couple weeks ago I got into a conversation with another blogger about the internet and cooking. What he told me really shattered my optimism: people who cook are cooking more and more often but those who can’t cook aren’t even starting. I always hoped/thought that more and more people were joining the ranks of home cooks (the Insta food world certainly gives this impression) but after some quick googling it seems that he is correct (this article from the Washington Post I think sums it up). So if less people Continue reading

Book Club Tuesday: Lagom

Every so often I get a cookbook that really surprises me or one that I learn a great deal from. When Lagom: The Swedish Art of Eating Harmoniously by Steffi Knowles-Dellner (author behind the notable blog Always So Hungry) arrived in my mailbox I couldn’t tell you much about what I knew about Swedish cuisine (and if I am being honest here what I do know mainly comes from what I’ve picked up at the Continue reading

Book Club Tuesday: Bliss Bites

Change is difficult. It really is! When I was in grade 7 my dad and I made a bet to give up sugar. I can’t even remember the time period we decided on because it seemed like an eternity to me. And just between us, I didn’t make it too long. Thinking back on the situation I remember how acutely I felt the loss of sugar. No gummies, chocolates, cookies, ice cream — no sweet treat of any kind. There is the power of big sugar at work — for some like myself (named the “treat monster” Continue reading

Book Club Tuesday: Simply Vibrant

To be able to cook is one of the truest simple pleasures in my life — one that I am extremely grateful for. If you know me in “real life” or on social media it’s obvious I cook with a great amount of zest and zeal. Any opportunity to try a new recipe or cookbook is one that I will always readily accept because the next family favourite might be right around the corner or even the chance to try a new ingredient (I used lemongrass for the first time here!) or technique is alluring. Maybe this Continue reading