Book Club Tuesday: The Star Wars Cookbook

Cue the music: A long time ago in a kitchen far away….just kidding! But no. Seriously. Who doesn’t enjoy the Star Wars movies — at least the first three? My favourite will always be The Empire Strikes Back namely because two of my Continue reading


Book Club Tuesday: Season

There is so little magic in the world these days. But listen – why am I discussing magic of any sort when, in fact, I should really be discussing Nik Sharma’s new book Season? In some ways his book is magic — while anyone can cook and teach themselves how to cook I think what Sharma Continue reading

Book Club Tuesday: Now & Again

There are just some people in life that make you want to be a better person — and not through any kind of cajoling, guilt, or other tactics. They lead by example and advocate. I think that Julia Turshen is one of these rare people who looks at the world and doesn’t complain but tries instead to make the world better. I could start my review of her newest book Now & Again by talking about the recipes or the Continue reading

Book Club Tuesday: The Kitchen Party Cookbook

Some of life’s simple pleasures occur when we are in the company of family and friends. It’s in the gatherings and occasions that we find the connection that bulids and supports communities. When I was a kid it seemed like there was always a houseful of people at my grandparents and that swell of people was always in the kitchen. You see, at the farmhouse where they lived, the door everyone used was just off the kitchen and when they built the “new” farmhouse back in the 1950s the kitchen was built to be the biggest room. While the actual prep-and-cook area of the kitchen was relatively small the custom turquoise (later recovered to a different colour) Naugahyde “L”-shaped banquette Continue reading

Book Club Tuesday: In the French Kitchen With Kids

Prior to receiving Mardi Michels‘ book In the French Kitchen with Kids from the publisher I couldn’t think of anything more daunting than French cuisine. Maybe it’s because the final results look so complex and elegant (hello croissants I’m look at you!) that I never believed I could master those recipes let alone teach my (or anyone’s kid) to cook French recipes. Embarrassingly I do own Continue reading

Book Club Tuesday: Wild Bread

Over the past month I’ve realized something about myself: I’m impatient. I like tasks with a start, quick end, and obvious results. Maybe this is why I’ve never taken to making my own yogurt or kombucha. These tasks require the home cook to be invested in the long game — you won’t be seeing results until healthy, lively organisms are cultured. But if you would have asked me a month ago Continue reading

Book Club Tuesday: Bella Figura

Just before embarking on a recent family trip to the U.S. I received Kamin Mohammadi’s Bella Figura: How to Live, Love, and Eat the Italian Way in the mail from the publisher. It was absolutely perfect timing because I immediately packed Bella Figura in my bag with the intention of making it my vacation read (part how-to, part memoir, part cookbook this book looked like the perfect way Continue reading