Book Club Tuesday: Salt Fat Acid Heat

As far as memorable meals go, there is one that happened about five years ago with my pal Barbara at Chien Noir in Kingston (Ontario) that really sticks in my mind. While it could possibly be the company (my pal is a superb conversationalist), what I remember about the meal is the dessert. It was unlike anything I’d ever experienced! Simple ice cream but the cream had been infused with the flavour of butter popcorn. So incredible and completely unforgettable. The taste was bold, yet fleeting because I would savour spoonful after spoonful not quite believing until the bowl was empty. Even when our server explained the process the chef had used it still seemed like culinary magic! I would have never believed in a million years that Continue reading


Book Club Tuesday: The School Year Survival Cookbook

Is there anything that can spark a more impassioned debate than children and nutrition? Probably, but as soon as I discovered I was pregnant food became so important — was I eating enough of the “right” things? Being a vegetarian didn’t help matters because people seem to think you live off love when you don’t eat meat. Seriously. So by the time my daughter came along I felt like it was time to focus my energy on what her relationship with food was going to be. I wanted her to be able to try a variety of foods and understand the link between what makes us feel good and be at our best. I also wanted her to be able to enjoy the time we spend around the dinner table as a family.  There aren’t (to my knowledge) many (if any) cookbooks about vegetarianism and family cooking. My search began and I started to seek out Continue reading

Book Club Tuesday: Vegetarian Heartland

Being a vegetarian for almost a decade, sometimes I feel like there is a disconnect between what my heart and emotions want and the food I put into my mouth. The vegetarian versions of classic comfort foods don’t always hold up and often times I’m left feeling like the urge to nourish and comfort through food (and not in that bad way) isn’t really realized. When Vegetarian Heartland by Shelly Westerhausen (of the blog Vegetarian ‘Ventures) arrived in my mailbox I was immediately Continue reading

Book Club Tuesday: The Savvy Cook


Single-Serve Chocolate Chip Cookie, p. 183

I know that on the cover of Izy Hossack’s newest cookbook The London Times refers to Hossack as “The new Nigella” but as I’ve cooked from The Savvy Cook over the last few weeks I’ve found myself drawing comparisons between Hossack and Julia Child.  Where Julia Child sought to bring the enjoyment of cooking back, as she refers to, “the servantless Continue reading

Book Club Tuesday: The Greenhouse Cookbook

Almond Milk, p. 219

The first time I heard about The Greenhouse Juice Co. was from some Toronto friends. The GJco. had just opened near them and they couldn’t stop talking about their “neighbourhood juice bar.” Could anything sound more wonderful than having an organic juice bar within a stone’s throw of your house? But in my mind Toronto is like that — neighbourhoods full of farm to table shops and restaurants, juice bars, coffee shops, collectives Continue reading

Book Club Tuesday: Book of Greens

So far I’ve lived in three different parts of Canada and Nova Scotia’s spring seems to come so late! To support this point I observed something interesting one year while visiting Eastern Ontario in May when we flew out then drove back. While Ottawa was beautiful and oh-so-green as we drove further and further east towards Halifax I couldn’t help but notice that the trees became more bare until we hit our own street and the trees were just starting to bud. While it Continue reading

Book Club Tuesday: Green Kitchen at Home


Banana & Cacao Granola p.75


It’s no secret here that I have a deep respect and admiration for David Frenkiel and Luise Vindahl, the authors of the Green Kitchen Stories blog as well as countless (well, almost countless) books and two apps.  Having reviewed two of their previous books (to read my review of Vegetarian Everyday click here and to read my review of Green Kitchen Smoothies click here) I could barely wait for the publication of their newest book Continue reading