Book Club Tuesday: N’Ice Cream

I come from a long line of, as my old neighbour Barbara would put it, “Do-ers.” Why have someone else do something for you when you can do it yourself. For me that something is cooking, my mom and sis it’s sewing, and for my dad it’s home renos. Seriously, he’s handier than a pocket on a shirt! So my dad walks into one of those big box stores that specializes in DIY, tools, and hardware to return a faulty light switch. When my dad asks to return the item at the customer service/returns the lady behind the counter asks why and my dad tells her that it didn’t work.  Continue reading

Book Club Tuesday: Green Kitchen Smoothies

Summer is finally arriving here in Halifax — yesterday it was 68F in the house and today it was almost 80! My kitchen is in full summer-mode — my oven and stove are off most of the time and we’ve been favouring meals consisting of fresh fruits and veg. I’ve also been experimenting with fermenting kefir water (great recipe in Emma’s first book My Darling Lemon Thyme! I never knew kefir water was a thing — thanks to Maria at Seeds Roots Greens for opening my eyes to the joys of making my own brew!). That’s what this season is all about — being unfussy, eating “rustic” meals, and enjoying the freshest and best of what the local markets have to offer. One of the simplest things to make with fresh fruits (and yes veggies too!!) are smoothies. TBH I’ve never been a big smoothie Continue reading

Book Club Tuesday: A Year In My Real Food Kitchen

So as I sit here I’m feeling like I might come out ahead today despite having a really intense and disheartening start to my week. After looking at my blog stats I realize that it’s been a month since my last post (thanks for sticking with me people! No excuses except we went to visit folks & fam “out west” and I guess time just slipped away). I also have had this review sitting in my “drafts” box for a couple of those weeks and instead of getting right to it last night so that I could have it completed and posted Continue reading

Book Club Tuesday: Bon Appetempt

“Riggs, I’m too old for this shit.” is what I should have told myself before staying up past midnight every night last week to read (p.s. if you didn’t catch it right there, I’m a huge fan of the Lethal Weapon series and How I Met Your Mother). It’s not that I’m too old but I’m totally feeling my age especially since the last of my toddler’s molars started to emerge making our wake-time 4 a.m. Maybe there is someone out there who, even though children are a priority, makes time to read (even if it means being a little tired the next day)? Slowly, I am realizing that I can’t keep up this rock-n-roll-reading-lifestyle and will have to find time to read some other time. Always late to the party  Continue reading

Book Club Tuesday: Review of The Love & Lemons Cookbook / Minimalist Baker’s Everyday Cooking

My toddler is killing me at dinnertime! But I totally had an epiphany — if I wanted a more harmonious dinnertime we needed to eat earlier. Not too early, but earlier. Lately I’ve been feeling down in the dumps because my two year old pretty much says “Yuck!” to everything I place in front of her (and I as you can probably guess I put much time and effort into cooking, so I try very hard not to take it personally). My secret hope is that it’s just a phase (new molars perhaps?) but I’m worried that this will last longer. As far as I can remember I’ve always eaten everything, my sibling on the other hand was/is super picky (I think it’s a texture thing). So my fingers are crossed that it’s just a phase. But I’m not very convinced… I mean, “yuck” to cheese pizza?? Really?? Who doesn’t like homemade cheese pizza?? If I was a kid I know I’d be thrilled!  Continue reading

Film & Food Friday: Notorious

If you couldn’t tell by reading the last two installments of F&FF I have a deep and abiding love of film. I do. Besides my love of cooking and vintiquing my love of film tops ’em both. While trying to decide what film I’d talk about today I kept thinking back to a scene from Hitchcock’s Notorious (1946 — all images screen capped from YouTube, I own nothing) where Alicia (Ingrid Bergman) is waiting for Devlin (Cary Grant) at her apartment with dinner ready. She’s cooked a chicken and has decided that they would “eat in style” out on the balcony which overlooks Rio de Janeiro. I know how testy folks get on the internet when”spoilers” are revealed however, at this point, I’ll add the disclaimer that if you’re partial to watching movies without prior knowledge then stop reading here otherwise it might get ugly. I guess I’m of the mind that if you haven’t seen a 70 year old film by now then spoilers really don’t matter much. If you haven’t seen it (and you don’t mind an old B&W) watch it. It truly is one of the greats (and one of my personal, all-time favs).

Continue reading

Film & Food Friday: Reality Bites

Normally I write my blog post the evening before I post it, right after my tot has gone to sleep, but yesterday it took so much longer to get her to sleep that I decided to relax instead of write. Have you ever had one of those weeks? Grumpy or moody for no reason? Well, that’s been my head space for the past couple of days (I even honked at a jaywalker yesterday — I’m not really a horn-honker but man I was so grumpy yesterday! Was I in danger of mowing down an old lady? No. But she was crossing illegally. And btw, the horn honking did not make me feel any better.) After last week’s new post F&FF (and thank you so much to the wonderful response back! I appreciate it more than you can know!), I’ve been struggling with Continue reading

Film & Food Friday: The Breakfast Club

We’ll see how this goes — something new to write about considering I felt like I was running out of meaningful things to say about cookbooks (at least for now). This will sound completely prosaic, but I got the idea for this post because it sounded excellent (the alliteration) and because years ago I was obsessed with reading this column on Design*Sponge called Living In. It was great! One of the writers would choose a film (most often ones with a particularly well-done mise-en-scene) and then pick out decor items that would suit whatever film was chosen — it was as if you were “living in” the world of that movie. (A little background: for those of you reading (who don’t know me) I am a huge cinephile. The biggest. My high school job was at Blockbuster Video and I think my life at the time was pretty stereotypical. Maybe not quite like the James Van Der Beek character in Dawson’s Creek or the Jamie Kennedy character in Scream but it was close. I totally understood those characters. Continue reading

Book Club Tuesday: Mamushka

That’s me. Oh about a million years ago! Although not Ukrainian-born but brought up in a family with a rich Ukrainian heritage (on my father’s side) my folks decided to send me to an Ukrainian Bilingual school when I was younger. I think this photo was taken probably during Easter because it was one of the few times we would dress in “traditional” clothing and take part in holiday activities. Easter was my favourite because Continue reading

Book Club Tuesday: Fresh

Hey! Happy April! Maybe it’s just me but I feel like by the time March comes around I’m “phoning” my meals in. I feel unexcited, uninspired, and gray. Then spring happens and everything starts to feel new and fresh again. Produce looks better at the supermarket and I feel more inspired to make simple meals that are a combination of grains, legumes/pulses, fruit, and veggies. “Big Salads” (can’t ever help not to think of Seinfeld when I use this phrase!) are what I gravitate towards and TBH this type of meal has been creating a lot of dinner harmony between adults and toddler here. What could  be better? She can pick what she likes from the bowl while we can eat everything else. It’s all healthy and I love to see her experiment and try new things — instead of getting her “yuck” face.  Continue reading