Book Club Tuesday: Good Veg

People who frequent my site are (should) be fairly aware that when I started to write cookbook reviews, over two years ago, I wrote them on books I already had and loved. My reviews are passionate because I love to cook (especially from cookbooks) and each review has been based on a mountain of previous knowledge I had about the author and their work because they have been bloggers (with the exception of the Thrive Diet). However, fortune has smiled on me and publishers have seen fit Continue reading

Book Club Tuesday: Dishing Up The Dirt

What is more provocative than finding yourself face to face with beautiful, seasonal produce? Beets attached to their greens. Spring’s first blush of strawberries. Bushels of apples when autumn comes. When you open your mind (and kitchen) to these possibilities the most truly appetizing and memorable experiences happen. Maybe it’s the first day of Spring or maybe it’s the purpose set forth in Andrea Bemis’ new cookbook Dishing Up the Dirt that has me so excited to be in my kitchen. If you’re unfamiliar with Bemis or her blog, Dishing Up the Dirt (for which her cookbook is named after)  Continue reading

Book Club Tuesday: The First Mess Cookbook

I am the worst type of person when it comes to being patient or having the ability to wait for things. For example, I love reading but usually always read the end before reading the beginning. Every manner of spoiler (whether it’s for a t.v. show, movie, book — even when I was pregnant! Did I wait to see what we were having?! Not a chance.) is just an invitation for me to not wait. To lose my never-ending battle to practice patience. So when I tested recipes for Laura in the fall of 2015 Continue reading

Book Club Tuesday: One Part Plant

Almost ten years ago I decided to become a vegetarian. But before I made this decision, let’s go back a bit further to six years before I made this choice to when I left my home province of Alberta (“Cattle Country” to many) to go to grad school. At that time it never occurred to me that vegetarianism was an appropriate dietary choice. People (who I may have referred to as “Hippies”) who were vegetarians were probably from California and mostly likely ate granola and sprouts. I was set in my ways and those ways weren’t so bad. I grew up in a household where we ate “real, whole food” before it was a thing. My mom cooked all our meals from scratch and we got a lot of farm-fresh produce from my grandparents. I inherently knew that Continue reading

Flashback Friday: At Home in the Whole Food Kitchen

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I sit here and can’t believe that it’s the middle of January! Where did the time go — wasn’t it just Christmas?! But that’s the problem now — the relative pace of life. It’s too goddamn quick. If you follow Instagram, everyone is rushing to post seasonal content, rushing to be the next big thing, rushing, rushing…rushing. I feel like that sometimes Continue reading

Book Club Tuesday: A Cookbook Roundup of Sorts

Happy New Year everyone! Hope your first steps into 2017 have been the ones that will set the tone for your coming year. I feel like, setting the tone, is becoming a major theme with me. With cooking (definitely!), parenting, in my marriage, friendships (both new & old), my health and wellness goals — as you can see, this is happening in most of the major areas in my life. In other news, it’s been awhile since I wrote anything here but I felt like I needed a break to recharge and regroup. Continue reading

Book Club Tuesday: The Short Stack Cookbook

There is literally one pasta dish that’s acceptable to my husband and daughter. One. There is no recipe — cherry tomatoes are oven roasted with a little EVOO, summer savoury and garlic and then served on spaghetti. Sometimes parm is involved or a nice crusty loaf of fresh baked bread (am forever grateful to the Lahey ‘no-knead’ method!). Other than that it’s not very exciting and my couple of one-trick-ponies like their pasta how they like it, soΒ  Continue reading

Book Club Tuesday: Forest Feast Gatherings

I think Dave Grohl said it best when he said “If there’s one thing I’m good at, it’s gathering people together to do something fun.” I feel like when I get past the “I’m too busy” mindset then it’s all good! Bringing people together to enjoy “food and fellowship” is what it’s all about. It’s been quite awhile since I’ve entertained — the last time was on Boxing Day for our annual “Boxing Day Ball Hockey” gathering. I made brunch and then everyone piled out into our street to play ball hockey. Originally a tradition started by a dear friend in Ottawa, we decided to keep it alive here now that Continue reading