Book Club Friday Fun Edition: Love & Lemons Every Day

It was three years ago that the first Love & Lemons Cookbook was published. It was three years ago that I lamented in my review that feeding a toddler is hard! Fast forward three years and I have a happy Continue reading


Book Club Tuesday: Family

From the macro level to the micro, Hetty McKinnon‘s cookbooks have gone from Community, to Neighborhood, and finally, Family; all with the express purpose of building connections between people using food. As McKinnon explains, what happens around the table is critical to Continue reading

Book Club Tuesday: A New Way To Food

I saw myself as I truly was: a body with so much beautiful potential. The change didn’t come in an instant but through an intentional process, combined with eating all the good foods, which I will share in this very personal cookbook. (5)

More often than not the cookbooks I’m sent to review are your average cookbook. In the case of Maggie Battista‘s A New Way to Food she offers a book meant to empower and enable her readers to make better food-based health choices Continue reading