Book Club Tuesday: In the French Kitchen With Kids

Prior to receiving Mardi Michels‘ book In the French Kitchen with Kids from the publisher I couldn’t think of anything more daunting than French cuisine. Maybe it’s because the final results look so complex and elegant (hello croissants I’m look at you!) that I never believed I could master those recipes let alone teach my (or anyone’s kid) to cook French recipes. Embarrassingly I do own Continue reading


Book Club Tuesday: Neighborhood

Wasn’t it Jane Austen who famously wrote: “It is a truth universally acknowledged, that a person in possession of a good kitchen, must be in want of a cookbook”? No? I could have sworn it was but at any rate I think it is a universal truth that people love cookbooks whether you cook or not. And for people who love Continue reading

Book Club Tuesday: Wild Bread

Over the past month I’ve realized something about myself: I’m impatient. I like tasks with a start, quick end, and obvious results. Maybe this is why I’ve never taken to making my own yogurt or kombucha. These tasks require the home cook to be invested in the long game — you won’t be seeing results until healthy, lively organisms are cultured. But if you would have asked me a month ago Continue reading

Book Club Tuesday: Bella Figura

Just before embarking on a recent family trip to the U.S. I received Kamin Mohammadi’s Bella Figura: How to Live, Love, and Eat the Italian Way in the mail from the publisher. It was absolutely perfect timing because I immediately packed Bella Figura in my bag with the intention of making it my vacation read (part how-to, part memoir, part cookbook this book looked like the perfect way Continue reading

Book Club Tuesday: Round to Ours

Sometimes my husband laughs at me (in that loving way) because there are times I really get into having people over for a meal. If it’s a special occasion (such as Thanksgiving) I may write out a menu and place cards but if it’s just the regular brunch gang I’ll set everything out on the table buffet-style. I’d like to think people enjoy coming over for the food but when you gather a group of friends to enjoy each other’s company and a meal it’s all about setting a tone and Continue reading