Book Club Tuesday: Whole by Natural Harry

With the end of one year and the beginning of another I find I’m like many people who are looking at the new year with the desire to improve my eating habits and ‘clean up my act.’ Although I’m not a person to make resolutions, who among us doesn’t find the culinary indulgence which December brings not to be a good reason Continue reading


Book Club Tuesday: Holiday and Celebration Bread In 5 Minutes a Day

Is there any better smell than freshly baked bread? Truly? It is a smell that both warms and comforts — a smell that makes a house feel like a home. With the smell comes the task of making and baking the bread. The next question most people ask themselves: is there a task more daunting than baking bread? A skill that would seem to most people to have belonged to another generation, it has become Continue reading

Book Club Tuesday: Ottolenghi Simple

Let’s start with something fun — word association! If I say “Ottolenghi” to you what might you say? The word “elegant” may come to mind or “extra” might pop into your head. Most assuredly “ingredients” would be one that most would think of. Yotam Ottolenghi is a person who has changed the way people view food. Difficult to categorize, his style works on the premise that food is all about flavour and unorthodox combinations (prior to receiving Ottolenghi Simple I had made one of his recipes from Continue reading