Hey my name is Kris and I’m the writer, cook, and photographer (I wish there was another term for this since taking photos with an iPad hardly makes me a photographer) behind Shipshape Eatworthy. I live in beautiful Halifax, Nova Scotia — my family “out west” feels this experience might be lost on me since I’m a vegetarian in lobster land. I’m okay with it though.If you’re visiting for the first time you may feel disappointed at the lack of recipes, considering there is so much good looking food on my Instagram (look at the photo descriptions & hashtags to see where any particular recipe comes from). I guess you could say I’m more of a recipe tester than a developer. (Additionally, I’ve had the good fortune to actually test recipes for a few really super bloggers).Life is busy so why reinvent the wheel AND there are so many great food blogs out there with delicious recipes! A person could easily never own a cookbook provided they had Internet access. (People who know me though know that I have a cookbook problem — owning too many!) I tend to gravitate towards “real,” whole foods and love cooking for my friends and family. After reading the introduction to The Yellow Table cookbook, I feel that Anna Watson Carl knows where it’s at: “It’s about feeding people that I love…Cooking is all about instinct and learning to trust yourself,which, can only come with time and practice.” As she suggests, sometimes I use recipes as blueprints and experiment. My own recipes that are posted here or on Food 52 have come from necessity — trying to find that one exact recipe, then developing one to suit my needs. This doesn’t happen too often because, like I said earlier, I’m more of a tester than a developer. I’ve tried to link back to any recipe that I’ve adapted or give credit. All photos are my own and have been taken with an iPad. Thank you for stopping by and enjoy!Feel free to drop me a line at: bristolfashion101(at)gmail.com
Also this should go without saying but just in case: I am not a medical or nutrition expert. The information presented showcases my opinion on any given cookbook and personal dietary experiences, and is not intended as a substitute for medical treatment. It is intended to provide entertainment and to give information on cookbooks that may support your healthy lifestyle practices.Additionally, there are no affiliated links on my site (ads may appear but that is from WordPress — it’s the result of having them host my site). All links are for informational purposes and I do not make any money from them. I will also indicate which books have been freely given to me for review purposes and which I have purchased. If you have any questions please drop me a line!


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