Book Club Tuesday: Bliss Bites

Change is difficult. It really is! When I was in grade 7 my dad and I made a bet to give up sugar. I can’t even remember the time period we decided on because it seemed like an eternity to me. And just between us, I didn’t make it too long. Thinking back on the situation I remember how acutely I felt the loss of sugar. No gummies, chocolates, cookies, ice cream — no sweet treat of any kind. There is the power of big sugar at work — for some like myself (named the “treat monster” Continue reading


Book Club Tuesday: Simply Vibrant

To be able to cook is one of the truest simple pleasures in my life — one that I am extremely grateful for. If you know me in “real life” or on social media it’s obvious I cook with a great amount of zest and zeal. Any opportunity to try a new recipe or cookbook is one that I will always readily accept because the next family favourite might be right around the corner or even the chance to try a new ingredient (I used lemongrass for the first time here!) or technique is alluring. Maybe this Continue reading

Book Club Tuesday: Healthyish

It’s been awhile! Hope everyone had a good start to 2018! I’ve been on a huge break since my last review — I have spent the last couple of months free from my review regime. For those of you who are new to Shipshape Eatworthy what happens here is simple: I receive review copies of cookbooks and then I try at least 10 recipes per cookbook. I posted 27 times in 2017 and 24 of which were cookbook reviews so you do the math.  So much cooking. So much. It’s fair to say Continue reading

Book Club Tuesday: Smitten Kitchen Every Day

Deb Perelman has your back. She really does! Her newest book, Smitten Kitchen Every Day, is a true love letter to home cooking. Often times I get questions asking me where I find the time to cook. TBH I make the time because I truly love it. But I have a 3 year old daughter and I never thought trying to feed her would be such a roller coaster of emotions. When she first started eating she loved it! She would eat anything! Try anything and then something happened. She turned two and realized that she, was in fact, Continue reading

Book Club Tuesday: The Completely Revised 10th Anniversary Edition How to Cook Everything Vegetarian

One of the cookbooks I have been quietly anticipating this year is the Completely Revised 10th Anniversary Edition of How to Cook Everything Vegetarian by Mark Bittman because when I received the original edition ten years ago I wasn’t a vegetarian and it seemed to me that I could really trust an author who wasn’t peddling vegetarianism (Bittman wasn’t or isn’t a vegetarian but he has ideas on what our modern diet has done to the health of the average American — have a listen to his TED talk if you’re curious). Back then I couldn’t have imagined or was even near ready to accept a plant-based diet. Not even Continue reading

Book Club Tuesday: New Feast

So my mom always says Honesty is the best policy (whose mother doesn’t say this?) — I feel sort of bad starting my review like this (and if the authors are reading this I may be giving them a fright) but I’ve got to fess up: before receiving this beautiful flexibound edition I had an equally beautiful hardcover edition of this book that I had never cooked from. It was for no other reason (in hind sight I think) than the hardcover edition is so big and cumbersome (but an absolutely beautiful book). This new flexibound edition, however,  is the perfect size (and weight) to pick up, flip through, and cook from. Why I picked up New Feast: Modern Middle Eastern Vegetarian in the first place Continue reading

Book Club Tuesday — The Simple Bites Kitchen

Quick Question: What are your favourite types of cookbooks? Thinking through all the cookbooks I’ve made recipes from I can tell you what my favourite type of cookbook is — the type that makes life easier and much more enjoyable. Honestly, who needs to be stuck in the kitchen preparing food that you don’t want to make or that no one wants to eat? What I’ve found is that the more I choose simple recipes (and with the help of my daughter) is that I’m enjoying myself much more than if I’m trying to cook complex dishes. And never confuse simple recipes Continue reading