Book Club Tuesday: Smitten Kitchen Every Day

Deb Perelman has your back. She really does! Her newest book, Smitten Kitchen Every Day, is a true love letter to home cooking. Often times I get questions asking me where I find the time to cook. TBH I make the time because I truly love it. But I have a 3 year old daughter and I never thought trying to feed her would be such a roller coaster of emotions. When she first started eating she loved it! She would eat anything! Try anything and then something happened. She turned two and realized that she, was in fact, Continue reading


Book Club Tuesday: The Completely Revised 10th Anniversary Edition How to Cook Everything Vegetarian

One of the cookbooks I have been quietly anticipating this year is the Completely Revised 10th Anniversary Edition of How to Cook Everything Vegetarian by Mark Bittman because when I received the original edition ten years ago I wasn’t a vegetarian and it seemed to me that I could really trust an author who wasn’t peddling vegetarianism (Bittman wasn’t or isn’t a vegetarian but he has ideas on what our modern diet has done to the health of the average American — have a listen to his TED talk if you’re curious). Back then I couldn’t have imagined or was even near ready to accept a plant-based diet. Not even Continue reading

Book Club Tuesday: New Feast

So my mom always says Honesty is the best policy (whose mother doesn’t say this?) — I feel sort of bad starting my review like this (and if the authors are reading this I may be giving them a fright) but I’ve got to fess up: before receiving this beautiful flexibound edition I had an equally beautiful hardcover edition of this book that I had never cooked from. It was for no other reason (in hind sight I think) than the hardcover edition is so big and cumbersome (but an absolutely beautiful book). This new flexibound edition, however,  is the perfect size (and weight) to pick up, flip through, and cook from. Why I picked up New Feast: Modern Middle Eastern Vegetarian in the first place Continue reading

Book Club Tuesday — The Simple Bites Kitchen

Quick Question: What are your favourite types of cookbooks? Thinking through all the cookbooks I’ve made recipes from I can tell you what my favourite type of cookbook is — the type that makes life easier and much more enjoyable. Honestly, who needs to be stuck in the kitchen preparing food that you don’t want to make or that no one wants to eat? What I’ve found is that the more I choose simple recipes (and with the help of my daughter) is that I’m enjoying myself much more than if I’m trying to cook complex dishes. And never confuse simple recipes Continue reading

Book Club Tuesday: The New Nourishing

Sometimes you get a feel for a person as soon as you meet them. When I first “met” Leah Vandervedlt, it was over an email exchange. She was looking for recipe testers for her upcoming book (which would become The New Nourshing) and I gladly volunteered. It was through this exchange that I discovered what a genuinely kind and earnest person she is. I ended up testing a couple recipes for the book Continue reading

Book Club Tuesday: Whole Bowls

Last week I talked about how mindsets are changing regarding what a “proper” meal should look and taste like. What I struggle with is the disconnect between my food experiences when I was a kid and the types of food experiences I’m offering my daughter. I was not raised a vegetarian so it is sometimes challenging to make our vegetarian meal times feel like they did when I was a kid. But it’s a new world.  Is “bowl food” a passing trend? To be completely honest I don’t think so. Wholesome, nourishing, comforting food is not a trend but Continue reading

Book Club Tuesday: Bowls of Goodness 

I haven’t always been a vegetarian and in fact I grew up in the meatiest place around — Alberta (a place known for their beef). My mom was a “housewife” (what she always answered when we asked her what her job was when we were little) and home-cooked meals were the norm in our house. Those meals looked exactly like how you’d expect — meat, potatoes, and vegetables. Sometimes we had salads but there was something vegetal on the plate. So in my mind that seems like the iconic (and correct) way of eating. Since becoming a vegetarian and then with the birth of my daughter I’ve really struggled Continue reading