Book Club Tuesday: Summer Kitchens

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With Olia Hercules‘ third cookbook, Summer Kitchens, she delves into the rich history and culinary tradition of the use of litnya kuhnia or “summer kitchens” in Ukraine. These small buildings were usually situated near Continue reading “Book Club Tuesday: Summer Kitchens”

Book Club Tuesday: 100 Cookies


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I don’t think it was until I boxed up that first batch of treats to give to my neighbours that I baked from Sarah Kieffer’s latest book, 100 Cookies, that I realized what has been bothering me. Being a pandemic year notwithstanding, I missed being able to connect to people through food. When my Continue reading “Book Club Tuesday: 100 Cookies”

Book Club Tuesday: Carpathia

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Food is intertwined with personal journeys and life stories. It can create a bridge that connects us across borders, languages, and cultural differences. When I cook the recipes in this book — making borș, grilling peppers, crushing garlic for mujdei, making pickles — the fragrances remind me of how Romanian cooking is part of the collective European heritage and landscape. (10)

In my heart, I’ve always seen cookbooks as a way to vicariously travel and experience the world, and since the early spring, when all of the quarantine, lockdowns, and sheltering in place occurred, this method of travel has become even more practical. Upon opening the cover of Irina Georgescu‘s new cookbook, Carpathia, the reader is met with Continue reading “Book Club Tuesday: Carpathia”